Best Vacuum Sealers Reviewed & Compared

Truth be told is that in most of the houses in the world, there isn’t a vacuum sealer, in fact some people doesn’t even know that these home appliances exist nor the benefits you get from vacuum sealing your food before refrigeration and storage. But leaving that fact behind, it is also true that these devices are becoming more popular as the years pass.

For those of you that just recently discovered the vacuum sealers, the most important thing to know is that they will help you to preserve food for longer periods of time as vacuum sealing increases the shelf life of a product, reduces product loss, creates a sealed barrier from external elements, it is quick and efficient and has health benefit too, it reduces the amount of chemical preservatives that groceries, delis and many other food industries have to add to their products to preserve them for longer times. They basically remove all of the oxygen from the packaging, preventing bacteria and fungi to growth, highly increasing the shelf life of a product from 50% to even 400% longer periods of time.

Our Top 3 Picks

  • FoodSaver 4840
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fast
  • Price: See Here
  • Weston Pro-2300
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Fan Cooled
  • Price: See Here
  • FoodSaver V2244
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Functional
  • Price: See Here

Best Vacuum Sealers Reviews

If you reached this post is because you are indeed looking to buy a vacuum sealer and want to know what the best options available in the market are. If that’s the case then you have reached the right post as we will be reviewing and comparing the best vacuum sealers in the market for the 2016.

10. Cuisinart VS-100 Vacuum Sealer

The Cuisinart VS-100 Vacuum sealer is a powerful machine with several features that will make your vacuum sealing even simpler and easier of what it already is. It also is very lightweight and has a nice design with compact dimensions that allow you to easily store it even in a kitchen with little storage space.

It comes with easy locking system and three simple buttons that make this unit an extremely easy one to operate, it also features a port for an accessory tube and some of the parts can be stored inside the unit for storage space saving

Instant Seal feature for delicate foods

This unit comes with an “Instant sealing” feature that allows you to stop the vacuum process and seal your bags right away. This is extremely helpful for preserving very delicate foods like chips that could get crushed by the bag or bread that can get flatten in the process of removing the air from the bag.

Bag cutter and vacuum hose store in unit.

The Bag cutter and the vacuum hose can be stored inside the Cuisinart VS-100 Vacuum Sealer for improved space saving for storage purposes. You can keep all of the parts of the machine neatly stored without the fear of losing anything.

Features and Specifications

  • Easy locking system with three simple buttons for operating the unit
  • Instantly seal your items at any time of the vacuuming process to avoid delicate foods to be crushed or damaged
  • Integrated drip tray, accessory port, extra-wide sealing strip.
  • Bag cutter and vacuum hose are storable inside the unit.
  • Compact design with Stainless steel accents.
  • Product Dimensions: 14.9 x 5.2 x 2.9 inches
  • Weight: 3.4 Pounds


  • It works perfectly
  • It is economic
  • It is very easy to use
  • It allows an accessory tube


  • Even when it allows an accessory tube it doesn’t includes any accessories.
  • It doesn’t has enough space for storing the bag roll inside of the unit.
  • The electrical cord is very short so you might not have too much distance between you and the power socket but it’s actually not a big issue.


This unit is actually on the cheap side of the price range and is actually very affordable.

This unit promises a good vacuuming and sealing of your foods. It is of easy storage and takes minimum space while operating. If you are looking to buy but don’t want to spend the big bucks on a unit that you don’t know how much will you end up using, then this one is for you.

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9. VacMaster PRO380 Suction Vacuum Sealer with Extended 16″ Seal Bar

The VacMaster PRO380 Suction Vacuum Sealer with Extended 16″ Seal Bar is the perfect unit to use if you are looking to improve the time your foods can be stored in the refrigerator. It will help you reduce the burn and dehydration from storing in cool environments like refrigerators, freezers or pantry. It is best recommended for repeated residential use or small business operations. It is really fast and efficient.

16” Seal Bar

Its longer seal bar allows you to conveniently seal largest bags or even two bags at the same time saving you tons of time as you can seal more amounts of food in bigger bags or seal two bags of smaller portions for lunch or dinner in the matter of seconds.

Extra wide seal

An extra wide seal wire gives you a heavy duty and leak proof protection giving you the peace of mind that your foods will be well preserved over long periods of time no matter if you are packaging cheese, meats, veggies and even fish. It protects it all.

Features and Specifications

  • Extends food freshness up to five times longer than traditional packaging systems

  • A longer 16” seal bar that allows you to seal the longer bags or several bags at the time.

  • The roll cutter is conveniently built inside the unit which gives you the capability of storing your roll inside the machine instead of taking extra space besides it.

  • Very intuitive digital control for vacuum and packing your foods

  • The extra wide seal gives you heavy duty and leak-proof protection

  • Product Dimensions: 14 x 19 x 6.5 inches

  • Item Weight: 23 Pounds


  • It is commercial grade quality so you know it’ll withstand the heavy duty of a repeated use or light commercial use.

  • Seal strip is 5mm wide, which is twice as longer than many Food savers in the market.

  • Seal Time can be adjusted to give better protection against liquid leaks or if you are dealing with thicker bags.

  • It is more than capable of sealing more than one bag at the time.


  • It is very big and heavy so it will probably take some of your countertop space.
  • It has a plastic prong that indicates that the lid is closed, and sometimes it can get broken during shipping. Although it is easily fixable.
  • You need to constantly open the lid to pull more bag out as the rolls are stored inside the machine.
  • Not so good sealing wet food if the liquid reaches the sealing point during the process.

As this is a commercial grade unit, it can be a little expensive for little to moderate household use, but if you plan on running some small food business or like to cook in advance for long periods of time, then this unit is perfect for you as it will help you save tons of time and money in the run.

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8. Crenova VS-1 Automatic Vacuum Machine with Starter Kit

The Crenova VS-1 is undoubtedly an excellent unit of commercial grade that has a great performance perfectly vacuuming your food bags in 15 seconds or less. Its control panel allows you to switch modes between dry and moist foods in the matter of a second. It has enough strength to decrease the oxygen levels to 0.05% and also seals extremely fast.

It also counts with CE, EMC, LFGB, LVD and ROHS International Quality System Certifications that prove that the unit is of great quality and will deliver the results you are expecting and has a three year guaranty that ensures you that the unit will last for a long period of time and gives you the chance to get replacement parts if anything gets damaged.

Easily switch between dry and moist food

The Crenova VS-1 has a great functionality when handling both moist and dry foods. It comes with a button that allows your Vacuum Sealer to properly seal the two different types of food and does a great job at it.

Dual side-by-side vacuum

This important feature makes your packages as airtight as possible. Its dual side by side vacuum aspirator makes it really easy to create the perfect vacuum and seals.

Features and Specifications

  • Easy to use: its user friendly panel will have you vacuuming in no time with little to none effort
  • Is built for seal durability. Has a double side by side vacuum and powerful seal bar
  • Easily switch between dry and moist foods
  • Comes with a starter kit that includes 10 bags in two different sizes specially made to work with this unit
  • Item dimensions: 16.2 x 7.9 x 5 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.2 pounds


  • Creates a permanent type of seal that won’t be lost over time
  • Doesn’t takes too much space and can be easily kept in your counter top
  • Doesn’t needs to cool down between uses


  • Has a foam piece that if the unit is poorly stored will deform making your unit useless. If you leave un-stored for several days it will eventually regain its original shape and become usable again.
  • The nonstick strip of the heating piece can get burned from over using so be careful to not over use
  • It’s not recommended for food businesses, even small ones.

This unit is well worth its money and is also on the cheaper side of the spectrum. If you want to regularly seal and store your leftovers or cook for long periods of time it can be very helpful but using it in a heavy-duty environment like food business then you better make another choice.

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7. Rival FSFGSL0150-015 3 Step Vacuum Sealer w/ Bag Starter Kit

The Rival FSFGSL0150-015 is a very good unit with a lot of nice features that will make you love the way this vacuum sealer was designed and developed. It is especially good handling moist foods like meats and will preserve your food on the freezer or refrigerator for long periods of time. It is very easy to use and will save you tons of time and money if well cared. It is not too large so it will be easily stored and still big enough to do a great job.

Open/Cancel button

Its open/cancel button cancels the vacuum and sealing process at any time or releases the Vacuum trough (inside) to give you the ability to vacuum as much as you want or leave so air inside if you don’t intend to store your food for months

Catches overflow liquids

Its vacuum trough (inside) system helps you catching all the overflow liquid that accumulates near the top of the bag to make sure that even your moist foods are perfectly airtight sealed.

Features and Specifications

  • Open and cancel button to vacuum as much as little as you want or to fully cancel the process
  • Vacuum trough catches overflow liquids
  • Sealing Strip that provides a strong airtight seal
  • Includes Starter bag kit
  • Product Dimensions: 16.5 x 7 x 4.5 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.2 Pounds


  • Handles very well the sealing of moist foods
  • Is very simple to use and will get the job done efficiently
  • Very small and easy to store without taking up too much space
  • Its three steps process gives you airtight seals and complete vacuum


  • The sealing might stop working properly if you add too much pressure when sealing.
  • It only recommended for light home use
  • The heating strip can get easily damaged and bur holes through the bag
  • It can be a bit noisy
  • Won’t work well with all type of bags. Although it does a great job on textured bags

This unit is very affordable and for the price it does a great job. IF you are looking for a heavy duty machine then this is certainly not for you.

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6. INLIFE K8 Automatic Vacuum Sealer Fresh Food Saver Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Bags for Foods

This product is perfect for sealing away moist and dry foods such as meats, soups, salads, sauces beans and even documents, jewelry and books to prevent damage from environmental exposure. It features four working modes to give you the most flexible vacuum experience and make your life or at least your food storage process much easier. It also is strong enough to completely reduce the oxygen levels inside your packagings.

4 Working Modes

  • VAC Seal button for auto full Vacuum Seal 
  • Man Seal button for auto seal only 
  • Half Vacuum Seal
  • Air suction (use a tube to vacuum canning jars, box and canisters to keep supplies fresh for longer times.)

40KPa/-60KPa Vacuum Degree:

It is much stronger than many models in the market and also seals extremely fast. It is very easy to use and is also very durable and dirt proof.

Features and Specifications

  • Preserves your food for longer times and prevents freezer burns and dehydration
  • Multifunctional sealing modes
  • Easy to operate
  • High power for better performance
  • Product Dimensions: 14.3 x 5.9 x 2.9inches
  • Weight: about 1.5lb


  • Very durable
  • Does a great job
  • Very lightweight and small. Perfect for storage out of the countertop.
  • Can easily accommodate bags up to 12”
  • Really helpful when buying and storing bulks of groceries.


  • It doesn’t includes a bag cutter so you’ll have to do it manually with knives or scissors.
  • Its hard plastic shell doesn’t gives the impression of durability
  • The drip tray is non removable so you will have to settle down for only wiping the area once you have finished

This is a great unit that is on the cheap side. It will work great and can even be used in small business food storage processes but is better recommended for home use as excessive use can lead to faster decaying of the pieces. A great choice if you are looking to save some leftovers or want to buy in bulk to save money but won’t be good enough for business and you’ll end up having to use the warranty or buy a new one.

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5. FoodSaver Premium 2-In-1 Automatic Bag-Making Vacuum Sealing System, Silver FSFSSL5860-DTC

The Food Saver Premium2 in 1 is one of the top choices in the market actually. It features an automatic bag dispenser, rewind, cut and seal features that promise to save you tons of time when packaging large amounts of food to preserver over a long time. It gives you full control over the process and allows you to vacuum to any degree of oxygen level and seal any time you want. It has both a seal and marinate mode if you wish to perfectly marinate your foods before cooking or stored them already marinated to make the flavors really stand out.

Automatic Bag Dispense and Rewind

The automatic bag dispense and rewind feature heavily reduces the amount of time you need between each seal saving you tons of time in your packaging process.

Space Saving Design

The Food Saver Premium 2 in one has been carefully designed to be of easy storage and to take as little space as possible while providing great features and power to give you the tighter vacuum and seals.

Features and Specifications

  • Automatic bag dispenser and rewind system
  • Automatic seal and bag cutter.’
  • One touch vacuum and marinate modes
  • Built in retractable handheld sealer can seal zipper bags, canisters and containers with no problem
  • Built in bag storage
  • Manual seal functions
  • Product Dimensions: 11.6 x 25.7 x 9.4 inches
  • Item Weight: 15 pounds


  • Very quick. It can vacuum and seal in 10 seconds or less.
  • Very powerful. The unit will create the tightest of the vacuums for your foods.
  • Built in bag roll holder
  • Accepts accessories to also airtight seal Ziploc bags and containers


  • Even when it’s made for space saving it can be a bit big for countertop storing
  • It is a bit on the heavy weighted side. There are units that will do a great job that weight under 6 pounds.
  • The bag Sealer is located at the very bottom of the machine so you’ll end up using too much bag per sealing. Making you to have to buy more early than with other models.

This unit is well worth every penny you put on it, it will save you tons of time and comes with tons of nice features that will return its value on food savings actually very quick. It is a mid-range price unit it is very affordable if you run a large household or if you run a small packaging operation for a food business. Food Saver Machines have been around for a long time and will probably continue to do so because of its quality standards and long lifespans.

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4. Nesco VS-02 Food Vacuum Sealer, Black/Silver

The Nesco VS-02 is a very powerful machine with lots of nice features that will improve your vacuuming and sealing experience and will help you to preserve foods for longer periods of time and save a lot of money on food that will never go to waste. It is fully a fully automatic unit that needs only the press of a button to completely vacuum and seal your meals it will smartly vacuum your foods without the risk of over vacuuming or crushing your delicate foods such as chips or bread.

Powerful Piston Pump

The Nesco VS-02 features a very powerful yet versatile piston pump with a seal only function to prevent over vacuuming or crushing your meals. Vacuum to the degree you want and instantly seal your bags.

Extended Sealing Time

It comes with a switch that allows you to increase the heat time of the sealer piece to create tighter seals or sealing wet items giving you longer lasting airtight seals.

Features and Specifications

  • One touch operation for improved user experience

  • Reduces spoilage and eliminates freezer burn

  • Has built in roll storage compartment and bag cutter

  • Switch to extend sealing time for tighter seals

  • Product Dimensions: 18.3 x 5.1 x 11.8 inches

  • Item Weight: 7pounds


  • Will seal moist and dry foods perfectly

  • Fully automatic Operation

  • Built in bag roll holder and cutter

  • The cutter works great and will give you straight cuts in your bag with no problem

  • Wide Sealing strip allows to seal bags up to 12”

  • Moisture traps catches all the overflow liquid from moist meals.

  • Will work great with any kind of sealing bag.


  • A bit larger than other models because of its built in roll storage and bag cutter

  • At some times the seal won’t be as strong as normal (with moist foods) and might require and additional sealing.

This unit is on the cheap side of the spectrum but it doesn’t means that it is of poor quality, in fact it is a great unit for the price and will surely help you reduce your food bill by 10% or more by reducing wastage and keeping your foods fresh for longer periods of time. If you are looking for a vacuum sealer for a household, then this option is perfectly suited for you.

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3. FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit

The FoodSaver V2244 is a very modern unit with a sleek design and easy to use manual operation that comes in very handy at the time of preserving different types of meals. It will allow you to preserve foods for longer periods of time and help you save nearly $3000 on food that goes to waste. It is small and lightweight which makes it easier to store in a cabinet or even keep it on the countertop without taking too much space.

Extra wide sealing with double seal

Its extra wide sealing bar with double seal is one of the best things of the unit. It will allow you to vacuum and seal large amounts of food while still having a very tight seal.

Integral accessory port

The FoodSaver V2244 comes with a port that allows you to use the hose (which comes included) to vacuum seal of jars and Food Saver vacuum storage boxes

Features and Specifications

  • Automatic Operation with manual override function to seal and cut your bags whenever you want.

  • Small and lightweight

  • Extra wide sealing bar with double seal

  • Removable Drip tray

  • Bags come included

  • Non Vacuum sealing options


  • It is one of the top selling vacuum sealers on amazon

  • Starter kit comes with bags and a roll of material

  • Seal delicate foods without crushing or damaging them

  • Accessory port for added functionality


  • As every FoodSaver units, these units work best with the FoodSaver Patented Bags and might be an inconvenient if you are planning to get cheaper bags

  • No automatic way to set the machine for dry or moist foods

  • According to a few user even when it tis compact, the shape of the unit makes it a bit bulky and hard to store.

Definitely the FoodSaver units are famous for some they, they are keepers. They are famous for doing its job perfectly and for lasting years, some user have reported to have owned and use food saver unit for more than a decade. So if you are considering buying one of the best vacuum sealers, this might be a good option for you.

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2. Weston Pro-2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer

The Weston Pro-2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer is a professional grade unit capable of perfectly sealing all of your bags and packages with a very fast vacuum and seal time, it is extremely powerful and will get the job done a 100% of the times you use it. This professional grade model is one of the quieter models available in the market and it has a fan cooler to reduce cooldown between uses and give you the ability to use it more in a single day than regular models.’

Double piston vacuum pump

The double piston vacuum pump system gives this vacuum sealer a quieter sound, higher vacuum degrees of 28” of mercury and the ability to produce bigger batches without having long cool down periods.

Fan Cooled pump system

This unit comes with a special fan cooler for the vacuum pump which makes it rarely to overheat the machine and reduces the amount of time you need to wait before using it again. You can practically seal dozens of bags in a single session.

Features and Specifications

  • Stainless Steel

  • 935 watts of power

  • Rapid vacuum and seal time

  • Transparent lid for bag alignment

  • Manual mode for delicate foods

  • Automatic mode for one touch operation or custom sealing times

  • Extra wide sealing bar allows you to seal even the XL 15” bags


  • Seals even the bigger bags with no problem

  • Fan cooled motor designed for continuous and repetitive use

  • Create extra wide 5mm seals for longer lasting seals

  • Works very well with non-branded and generic bags

  • Ready supply of service parts


  • Not suited for large commercial use. It won’t whist and sealing sessions of 100+ bags.

  • It has poor capability to seal moist foods

  • Power cord is detachable and can get lost if not properly stored

This unit is on the expensive side of the list but it is extremely efficient and is capable of withstanding heavy domestic use or light commercial use. It is worth every penny you invest in it and the option to use generic bags will help you save some big dollars on the long run.

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1. FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System with Bonus Built-in Retractable Handheld Sealer, Starter Kit, Heat-Seal and Zipper Bags

Number 2 on our best vacuum sealers list, this unit is one of the most reliable units in the market. It is powerful yet very versatile and lets you seal moist and dry foods without problem. It system features a twostep process for vacuum and sealing which makes it extremely easy to use.

Retractable Handheld Sealer

This unit comes with an integrated retractable handheld sealer that seals zipper bags, containers, canisters and marinates food in minutes.

Patented Pull out Drip Tray

This drip tray is perfect for catching all of the overflow liquids and also is removable for better cleaning, which also takes little to no effort as it is dishwasher safe.

Features and Specifications

  • Includes starter kits with different bag sizes and types
  • Built in retractable handheld sealer
  • Moist and dry food settings for better sealing
  • Patented removable pull out drip tray
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 20 x 12 inches
  • Item Weight: 10 pounds


  • Very fast vacuum and sealing
  • Seals multiple types of bags with the handheld retractable sealer
  • Optional accessories
  • Wide variety of bag sizes
  • 99% reliability when sealing


  • You can’t see where the bag will be sealed and it can lead to bag waste
  • It doesn’t accepts the biggest bag rolls
  • Some users reported that after a year of use it would start to loose vacuum power or wont seal as good as when new

If you are looking to get the most of your hard earned dollars with a good quality machine with lots of features and versatility then this is the ideal piece.

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