Best Choice Products 2.6 HP Meat Grinder Review



The Best Choice 2.6 HP grinder is perfect for home use; it’s sleek, stylish, inexpensive and it gives you the power to grind through large amounts of food in one quick sitting. When you buy this grinder, you can use it for small amounts of food at one time, but you’ll always feel confident knowing that you have a unit that can handle large jobs as well.

There are no surprises with this grinder; its 2.6 HP engine and steel internal gears guarantee that you can grind up tough cuts of meat without the clogging and gear stripping that occurs with other budget grinders.

The 2.6 HP is really an industrial strength grinder with a 2000 Watt peak output motor, but it is sold for home use; it gives you everything you need at an inexpensive price point. Its large hopper gives you plenty of room for bigger cuts of meat, and its adjustable three speed motor lets you grind at your own pace. The unit also comes with three cutting plates that gives you even more flexibility when grinding. You can adjust the unit’s output to fine, medium or coarse with a simple switch of cutting plates.

On the rare occasion when your grinder gets clogged, you have the option to run it in reverse. This quickly unclogs it, and it lets you get back to grinding; there’s no messy cleanup or picking small pieces out of the grinder after a clog. The grinder wasn’t really made to grind bones, but it can easily power through them if they accidentally make their way into the meat that you are grinding.

The Best Choice 2.6 HP is surprisingly affordable when you compare it to other models that offer you similar amounts of output and power, and it weighs in at about 25 pounds, so you don’t have to strain when moving it like you do with comparable grinders. Unlike other bargain units, you’ll never have to grind your meat twice; the 2.6 HP engine always grinds your meat efficiently the first time, and it never comes out mushy.


People love this unit, but people who make their own sausage are often disappointed that the unit doesn’t ship with a sausage attachment. You have the option of buying one online or from the manufacturer’s website, but you’ll have to spend a bit of extra money if you plan on making sausage.

Best Choice 2.6 HP Technical Features
  • Three speed engine; 2.6 horsepower
  • 2000 Watt output
  • Can run in reverse when the machine clogs
  • Three steel cutting blades for versatility; fine, medium and coarse options
  • Sturdy casing and hopper made of aluminum
  • Plastic food pusher for hand safety


What Conditions Is This Grinder Best Suited For?

If you’re picky about your ground meat, then the 2.6 HP is perfect for you. It never produces mush, and it can grind through large quantities of meat without overheating or jamming. The great thing about this grinder is that it only weighs 25 pounds, but the internal motor and gears perform just like a heavier and bulkier industrial grinder would. It’s made for home use, but it gives you the power and speed of a bigger unit, so you’ll never get stuck with a grinding job that your unit can’t handle.

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When grinding meat, make sure to trim it before throwing it in this grinder; too much gristle and skin produces a mushy product that isn’t very appetizing. The machine can handle it, but you probably don’t really want to be eating it anyway.

The great thing about the 2.6 HP is that it is very versatile. It’ll quickly grind through a small amount of meat for one or two people, but it’s also strong enough to grind through 50 pounds for a large party. It has three cutting blades, so you can choose the texture of your product.

Basically, this machine works for any type of grinding job that you can dream of. Its industrial power engine ensures that your product is always perfect. It’ll even grind hard objects like turkey gizzards with ease; sometimes, butchers can’t even grind up meat that is that tough.

How Do You Use The Best Choice 2.6 HP?

The 2.6 HP couldn’t be simpler to use. It’s powerful, quiet in comparison to other units and it has the ability to run in reverse if you happen to clog it; this means that the unit is very forgiving if you mistakenly jam excessive amounts of meat, bones or tendons into it at one time.

Trim your meat and cut it into pieces, and then put it into your freezer for 20-30 minutes before using this unit; this makes the grinding process a lot easier. There’s less of a mess, and your 2.6 HP doesn’t have to struggle while grinding. This prolongs the life of your machine while producing an excellent product.

There are no restrictions on the amount of meat that you can grind at one time. The steel gears and powerful motor were built to last, so you don’t have to worry about ruining the machine when grinding lots of meat at one time.

How Do You Care For This Unit?

Cleanup for this unit is pretty simple; it’s even better if you have an extra toothbrush lying around. Use soap and warm water when cleaning the unit. Harsh chemicals like bleach and cleaners won’t break the unit, but they’ll change the color of the unit, and it’ll start to look worn and old.

Disassemble the unit, and use your toothbrush to clean leftover meat out of all the nooks and crannies that you can’t easily get too. This takes about five minutes, and it ensures that you never have to worry about bacteria and germs accumulating in your unit. Always pat your pieces dry after washing them; this prevents rust, and it also extends the life of your unit. After patting down your unit, you can lay the pieces out on a towel to dry.


Our Final Verdict

The Best Choice 2.6 HP is perfect for home use, but it offers you industrial quality and speed. If you’re looking for a high-quality and dependable grinder, then this one will suit you perfectly. It’s very forgiving when it comes to bones and tendons, so it’s perfect for beginners and experienced grinders alike. All in all, there’s nothing negative we can say about this machine, so we definitely recommend it.


  1. I understand that the Turbo Force 2000 and this meat grinder “Turbo Froce 2000” are not the same item. Is this correct?

  2. Is there stainless steel plates and stainless steel blades available?
    We are looking for turkey and chicken necks finer grider.

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