The Advantages of Owning a Meat Grinder

Most of the people hesitate at the time of deciding purchasing a meat grinder because they don’t know how many benefits it provides to owners of these devices.

From the economics, to the culinary points of view, owning a meat grinder is something that can and will positively improve your cooking and savings without a doubt.

Freshness of your meat

First of all one of the most important benefits of owning a meat grinder is that you are grinding your own meat. Because of this, you actually know how fresh the meat you are grinding is, it is true that we can’t possibly know how fresh is the meat that large chains of distribution use on their grinded meat.

Your grinded meats will contain fewer contaminants

Meats that are on the counter waiting to be packaged or frozen are constantly picking up bacteria and other contaminants and also slowly decomposing. Also, large processing plants combine the meats of thousands of different animals increasing the risk of harmful bacteria’s or microorganisms to spread. While this doesn’t actually happens in all processing plants, there are some of them that won’t adjust their processing methods to the industry standards.

You can choose the cuts of the meat you want to grind

When you go to the grocery stores, they have the grounded meat on display and very often that’s what you’ll get, except for very expensive places, you’ll be getting the meat cuts grinded. Having your own grinder allows you to select the cuts of meat you want to grind, this will help you in making recipes that should be done with special grinded cuts of meat.

Do you want fat or no fat?

Grinding your own cuts of meat will allow you to determine the exact amount of fat percentage that is inside your grinded meat, some recipes like burger patties could benefit from higher fat percentages while other recipes could make better use of lean meats.

Mix and match your own meat mixes

Owning your own meat grinder gives you the flexibility to make your own meat blends for chilli, tacos, burgers, sausages and many more recipes. Not only you get to add more flavours to your mixes but you also can make use of what you have on hand to make delicious meals.

Make your own sausages

Owning a meat grinder will let you make your own special sausages, most meat grinders have attachment hubs that allow you to give many more functionalities that just grinding meat.

Don’t waste anything

If you are one of those persons that like to butch their own meats you know that you usually endo up with a lot of scraps that would never been used in any recipe because of the different shapes and sizes. Having your own meat grinder will help you repurposing these scraps in to amazing meals.

Fresh grounded meat is better

Unless you go always to the butchers directly, you’ll get grounded meat that has been laying around for some time. This not only represents a health risk, it also means that the meat has lost some quality and its flavor will have diminished from long exposure to the elements. Grinding your own meat gives you the control of how long was it grounded and know that it hasn’t been sitting on a shelf for several days.

Huge savings on processing’s

When you go to the butcher and ask for special cuts or different kinds of processing, you have to pay for the work they put into it. Owning your own grinder will help you save lots of money over the long run as your butcher bills will be smaller.

Not just meat

When you own a meat grinder the possibilities are endless, even when the name says “meat grinder” the truth is that almost all of the available equipment like these in the market have several add-ons that can give your meat grinder a new set of skill. There are pieces designed to turn a meat grinder in to a juice maker or a cheese shredder.

Cooking becomes a whole new experience

First time grinders are almost sure to fell in love with it, the feeling of having full control of all your cooking process will make you want to cook as often as possible, you’ll never get enough and you’ll move to other activities such as stuffing, shredding and even making juices.

You know exactly what is in your grounded blend


Many commercial sellers don’t use the best parts of the animals when grinding their meat, by owning your own meat grinder you can actually be sure that it is lamb what you are putting into the grinder and not something different. For instance, some commercial brands use the feedlot beef and ultra-lean meat from dairy cattle.

With all these benefits, it is not hard to understand why people all around the world are making the decision of owning a meat grinder. Your life will be transformed and you’ll get more pleasure from cooking and eating your meals.

If you are looking to buy a meat grinder you can check our reviews, we have reviewed and tested many different units and we are sure you’ll find one that fit your needs. These devices aren’t so expensive and you can get one with great quality standards starting from 50-70 dollars.

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