Norpro Meat Grinder Review


Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer, and Pasta MakerWhen people think of meat grinders, they usually think of older manual models or clunky electronic devices that take up tons of counter space; these older models are hard to clean, hard to use and clumsy around the kitchen. The creators of the Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer And Pasta Maker have created a device to change the way that people think about manual grinders, and they did it with a lightweight, stylish and simple to use device that effortlessly grinds its way through meats, nuts, vegetables and more.

The manual Norpro grinder is a unique spin on a timeless classic; the device comes with a standard and fine mincing plate to give you control over the texture of your food, and its long handle gives you the leverage that you need to grind through tough food without straining your arms and hands. Older manual grinders can’t grind meat this easily; their handles are short, so it takes a ton of effort to rotate the handle and grind your food.

The Norpro measures in at 8 x 5 x 5 inches, and its exterior is made of a solid plastic shell, so it looks great in any modern-day kitchen. Gone are the days where you need a clunky and ugly device to effectively grind meat and pasta. If you don’t feel like leaving the unit out, the two-pound device can easily be stored among your other kitchen appliances.

The device’s unique suction cup locking mechanism ensures that it always stays in place without moving when you put pressure on it. The suction device really sets this device apart from other grinders; when you attach it to your counter or table, you never have to worry about it slipping during the grinding process. A device that doesn’t move during the grinding process saves you time, makes the process easier and reduces strain on your arms.

You never have to worry about this device breaking. It is made of plastic, but its simple design means that it is very unlikely to break. If you don’t plan on grinding hundreds of pounds of meat, then this compact unit is perfectly suited for you.


The manufacturers of the Norpro made the unit’s handle longer than the actual unit. They did this to make the grinding process easier; the long handle gives you extra leverage. This makes grinding tough foods easy, but you need to take this into consideration when placing your unit. You need a surface that is close to an edge; if you have a counter or table with a raised lip, the handle will hit your table or counter when you are trying to turn it. Before buying this unit, make sure that you have an unobstructed edge.

Remember, this is a manual unit, so you’ll have a hard time grinding bone and thick tendons. Always make sure to trim your meat before you put it through the Norpro. Avoiding bones and tendons will prevent the unit from getting clogged up during the grinding process.

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Technical Features

  • Two pounds; measures 8 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Strong and durable plastic casing
  • Suction cup for stability
  • Plastic hopper
  • Coarse and fine stainless steel mincing plates
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Can be used for meat, pasta, vegetables, nuts and more
  • Made in the USA

Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer, and Pasta Maker

What Conditions Is This Grinder Best Suited For?

This grinder is perfect for individuals and small families. It can go through a lot of meat, but if you are going to be grinding hundreds of pounds, then you’ll probably need an electric grinder. If you are only going to be grinding small amounts, then you really don’t need anything stronger than the Norpro.

The Norpro is very versatile; you can throw meat, pasta, veggies, nuts and almost anything else into the auger without having to worry about clogging. You can use it at home, but you can also use it in remote areas that don’t have access to electricity. This grinder doesn’t rely on complicated mechanisms to run, so it always works, and it’s virtually impossible to break.

How Do You Use The Norpro?

People are often skeptical about this grinder until they use it; it’s plastic and manual, so people automatically think it won’t work well. Before using the grinder, make sure to follow the instructions to figure out how to insert the blades correctly. Improper blade placement will make the grinder ineffective.

Before you start grinding, use the unit’s locking mechanism to attach it to your table or counter top. You simply turn the locking nut until you feel it click; once locked, you shouldn’t be able to move or slide the unit.

If you are grinding meat, cut it up into small strips before placing it inside of the Norpro’s hopper; small strips that are about the size of your middle finger are the most effective. If you are having trouble cutting your meat into strips, place it into the freezer for about twenty minutes. Freezing your meat will firm it up, and it will make it a lot easier to cut. Freezing the meat also makes it easier to grind; when it’s partly frozen, you don’t have to worry about juices squirting out of the grinder and making a mess.

The hopper is only about the size of a measuring cup, but you can still get through about three pounds of meat in ten minutes; slicing the meat probably takes longer than the grinding process.

When grinding, you need to turn the handle while dropping meat into the auger. You can’t just drop it in there and start grinding; you need the grinding blades to latch on to the meat. It takes about one or two strips to get into a good rhythm, but it’s a lot simpler than it sounds. You simply need to make sure that you are turning the handle while you are feeding meat into the auger. If the grinder hits a tendon or bone that clogs it up, simply turn the handle backward and remove it from the auger. It’s as simple as that.

How Do You Care For The Norpro?

The Norpro is very easy to take apart, and since it’s a manual grinder, you can submerge the unit underwater without having to worry about damaging electronic components. After you are done using it, wash the whole unit in warm and soapy water. Most people use a big bowl filled with warm water and dish soap for soaking. Let the unit dry, and it’s ready for your next use.Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer, and Pasta Maker

What’s Our Final Verdict?

The Norpro manual grinder is effective, easy to use, inexpensive and easy to clean. When it comes to manual grinders, we couldn’t ask for much more, so we definitely recommend this unit. People are often hesitant about this unit when they find out that it’s manually operated, but once they try it, they find that it’s easier to use and cleaner than an electrical unit. If you’re only grinding a couple of pounds of meat per sitting, then make sure to consider the Norpro before splurging on an expensive electrical unit.

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