Best Freezer Bags Reviews

From 1965, the world knew about plastic bags. They were introduced to America by a company in Sweden called ‘Celloplast.’ They produced the simplest of designs with a plastic tub sealed at one end so products could be carried in it, and open at the other end so goods could be placed inside it. It wasn’t long before the plastic was extended at the opening to make 2 handles – one on each end of the same side, so the bag could be easily carried. This design became the model for all plastic bags since then, known as “The T-shirt plastic bag.” The bags were made from the same type of plastics that is used for plastic bottles and lumber.

These bags started being seen in a few shops in the USA, but it was not until 1982 when two of America’s largest chain stores – Safeway and Kroger – started using plastic bags after years of paper bags, that environmentalists started getting edgy about the plastic damaging the environment. Most shoppers still preferred the paper bags as then they could stand them up in the trunks of their cars – the plastic bags of course just “spread” when put down and used more space. Consumers from the city loved the plastic bags as they were so much easier to walk home with.

Our Top 3 Picks

  • Ziploc Freezer Bag
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Reusable
  • Price: See Here
  • Hefty Slider Bags
  • 4.6 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Strong
  • Price: See Here
  • Glad Food Bags
  • 4.2 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Microwaveable
  • Price: See Here

At this stage, 2016, the Environmentalists fight an on-going war on the use of plastic bags, and stores responded by putting a price on them a few years ago, hoping shoppers would use them less. However the wasted and discarded bags still litter the cities of the world in the slum areas and cause untold damage to the oceans. Plastic is not bio-degradable, and that is a constant big problem.

Key Feature of Freezer Bags

This has to be the fact that you can freeze any left-over food after a meal so that you can enjoy it again in 2 or 3 days, or even in a week or so. As long as you have wrapped it in the correct freezer bag to prevent freezer burn, the food will taste exactly the same. However, it is a well- known fact that any type of curry kept for a few days in the freezer definitely tastes better!

Best Freezer Bags Reviewed in 2016

We reviewed a selection of the best freezer bags for 2016 and included that best features of each options on our list.

10. Ground Beef Freezer Bags – I lb size – Package of 100Very reasonable for 100 bags

  • These bags lock out air and light while preserving the flavor of the food
  • The bags are 2mm thick and strong
  • Reinforced bottom gusset to preventing bags from bursting
  • Can be used for ground beef, ground pork, and minced game
  • When you need to cook one or 2 patties, just semi-thaw the bag and cut the portion you want, then re-freeze.
Pros Cons
Bags are easy to write on These bags seem to be a little fragile and may burst open
Used to bag 50 lbs of hamburger meat and worked perfectly  
They stack well in the freezer  

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9. 9 x 12 4 Mil Clear Resealable Plastic Bag by ZPlastics / Pack of 100 Storage Bags with Zipper Reclosable Bags – Reasonable Price

  • Meets all FDA standards
  • These bags are completely sealed and are leakproof
  • They also allow no air to get into the bag
  • The bags are completely transparent – nothing blocking your view from seeing what is stored in the bag
  • Full money-back guarantee
Pros Cons
Product is resealable No cons yet as the product is still new on Amazon – only 14 Reviews
Made from the best quality plastic  
The bags are thick and last longer for resealing meat or other items such as tools, toys, and such like  
Completely leakproof  


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8. Green N Pack Premium Freezer Bags, Quart, 40 Count – Very affordable price, leaning to expensive depending how often you use them

  • The seal is very secure and keeps the meat fresh from any moisture, dust and freezer burn
  • They are 2.5mil thick
  • No BPA, but made from FDA approved material which is recycled
  • They are eco-friendly


Pros Cons
Decomposes quicker than most other plastic bags Each time I tried to reseal the bags, the sliding zipper broke off
These bags are the perfect price and better quality than other more expensive bags  

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7. BlueAvocado Blue (zip) Seal Bag (Pack of 2), 1 gal, Clear – Quite Pricey

  • They are FDA approved bags, manufactured with PVA material
  • BPA-free, PVC-free
  • They have a double lock closure for extra freshness
  • Quite safe for freezer use
  • Not for dish-washer use
Pros Cons
So easy to hand-wash, the stand them up inside out to dry After a few uses, they stained and were smelly
Much more value for money than buying disposable bags all the time
These bags seal perfectly and are so flexible  

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6. Ziploc Freezer Bags, Quart, 38 ct – very cheap – only for Amazon Prime Members

  • The tabs are easy to open
  • No more freezer burn on your frozen food with this product
  • Preserves flavor and have a Zip Plus seal
  • Microwave safe – just open the zip slightly first
  • You can hear, feel and see the bag sealing tightly to protect all flavors
Pros Cons
The bags are a nice thickness and freeze very well with no freezer burn These tag bags leak on the side under the seal
The bags do not leak at all
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5. Food Saver FSFSBF0226-FFP Bags with Unique Multi-Layer Construction Vacuum Sealers, 44 Quart size bags, Clear – Affordable price

  • Specially designed to work with the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System
  • Has more than one layer of plastic prevent any chance of the food being freezer-burnt
  • Absolutely no oxygen or air leakage onto the food
  • The product is free from any harmful chemicals like BPA
Pros Cons
The ridges to help air flow work very well Bags inflated after a day in the freezer
These bags can be washed and re-used  
Good size for any cuts of meat  
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4. Ziploc Perfect portions Freezer Bag, 75 CountVery affordable price

  • They are simple and very quick to use
  • Low risk of freezer burns destroying your food
  • Very light weight bag
  • Perfect sixed bags for one chop, one chicken piece or one steak
Pros Cons

Very nice freezer bags that work perfectly


These bags are way too expensive


Can buy a big pack of meat and then freeze it in portion sizes


The bags can be used for things other than meat – so convenient

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3. Glad Food Storage Bags, 2 in 1 Zipper, Gallon, 36 Count (Pack of 3) – Best Price

  • Perfectly sized bags for all foods
  • Food can be frozen or simply stored
  • The plastic is soft and bendable and has little contact with air so promoting a longer storage life
  • The bags have plastic grips to make bag stronger, so it does not require teat over time
  • The seal turns green to alert you to the bag being closed
Pros Cons
The bags are microwaveable so you can take out of deep freeze and defrost These bags are inferior to all other freezer bags – they are too thin
Can also be used for general storage for items such as storing cheese or fruit in the refrigerator, and make-up, nail polish, etc The bags do not seal properly
The material is BPA free
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2. Hefty Slider Bags (Gallon, 96 Count)Excellent Price

  • These bags have a MaxLock Track for perfect safe freezing
  • The bag clicks as you lock it
  • Material is thicker than normal for extra defence from freezer burn
  • Bags come in 2 sizes : gallon and quart
  • Satisfaction guarantee
Pros Cons
These bags have a stronger seal than Ziploc bags when dropped or shaken The fancy zipper seal does not work
The sliding MaxLock opens easily, and then clicks locked again
There are large labels to write on so you can identify the food


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1. Ziploc Freezer Bag, Gallon, 28 count – very cheap – only for Amazon Prime Members

  • You can see, hear and feel the bag being locked
  • Food stays fresh and full of its original flavour
  • Has easy to open tabs
  • When reheating or defrosting in the microwave, open the tab one inch
Pros Cons
The bags are 1.75mil thick The bags are too flimsy and break
Can be used and re-used for monetary coin storage

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What are the Best Brands of Freezer Bags?

In a short survey conducted by some researchers, it was found that the best freezer bag is the Target Brand – it won first place on three of the four points of the test – freshness, price, and heat-resistance. The next brand was Hefty for coming near the top in strength and heat resistance. This was followed by Ziploc which only won points for heat resistance. The Wal Mart range did not feature at all.

However, as far as pricing is concerned, the Up and Up brand, which is a generic of Target worked out at 0, 6 cents per bag – a great bag worth every cent. Wal-Mart’s generic, Great Value came out at 0, 10 cents per bag. Hefty, also 0, 10 cents per bag, and Ziploc topped the list being the most expensive at 0.14 cents per bag.

Factors to Consider when Buying Freezer Bags / and or Plastic Bags

Bags for freezing are stronger than normal plastic bags for carrying items simply because they are thicker and easy breakage is prevented, even if you put something sharp into the bag.

None of the bags opened when dropped, but the press seal bags are more prone to have leakages than the slider bags. Most freezer bags keep food fresher for longer, and none of them stood out in this department.

Foods such as steak will always be subject to a build-up of ice. But you need to try and wrap the bags tighter when freezing or storing meat. Some of the bags have labels on them for to write what is inside – I don’t know about you, but I can never see what frozen food is until it is defrosted, so these labels are very handy. Other bags make a clicking noise once they are sealed, whole others have tabs that are easy to handle, and a zip lock function to seal them.

Whichever bag is your favorite, make sure you check the price and that you are getting value for money. Some bags brag about being thicker than others, but at the same time, they break very easily because they are so brittle – so bear that in mind. Work out the price per bag to see exactly what value you are getting and to make sure to choose the best freezer bags on the market today.

FAQs Freezer Bags

Q: Are all freezer bags BPA-free?

A:        No, they are not. Each brand is different. Look on the box or phone the Company to find out if it is not mentioned anywhere

Q: Can I place a whole meal for one person in a freezer bag to eat ?

A:        Yes – it should be perfect once defrosted carefully

Q: Are freezer bags dishwasher-safe?

A:        Most of them are, but check the box

Q: Some bags come in rolls – are they better to use than the separate bags?

A:        Yes they are. You can save money by cutting the bags to the exact size you need, – but it also depends on your personal preference

Q: Can the bags be put into boiling water to defrost and then reheat?

A:        It depends on which bags you are using – check the box

Q: Can you write on all of the bags?

A:        No, some of them might smudge whatever you write, others have space for

You to “label” the bag, so you know what is inside

Q: How can I get air out of the bag before freezing it?

A:        Put the food it, then squeeze the bag tightly – insert a straw and such all the air out, the seal quickly.

Q: Should vegetables be blanched before freezing?

A:        Yes, it helps to preserve them and keep them fresh and flavourful. And it slows down certain enzymes from causing the love of colour and texture. Blanching gets rid of any organisms or dirt, brighten the color of the vegies and seals in the vitamins.

Q: Is there a way to freeze potatoes or potato fries?

A:        Yes according to the FDA, there is. Peel and wash them and blanch (boil) for about 3 to 5 minutes. Then let them cool, and then seal them securely in a freezer bag – for a bit of space for expansion – until you are ready to use them.

Q: Can I refreeze food once it has thawed?

A:        If it has thawed in the refrigerator, then yes, it is safe to refreeze it. But if it has defrosted sitting on your kitchen shelf – it may too warm and damaged to freeze again. And you might lose a lot of taste and flavour.

Freezing Food Facts

  • Remember to only freeze food you enjoyed. No amount of freezing and thawing is going to make any food taste better – except for curries of course.
  • Use the right equipment for freezing food. Don’t use normal plastic wrap – it is not nearly thick enough to keep freezer out or to seal in flavour and moisture. Rather use freezer bags – after all, this is what they were designed for.
  • If you are going to freeze a left over roast – then slice it up first so you can take out one or two pieces at a time when needed. You will not have to defrost the whole thing and then try and eat it all! Slice bread and rolls too.
  • When freezing bread and other sold food you can wrap and seal them tightly, but for soups and sauces, leave some space for the mixture to expand – otherwise the bag will literally pop
  • Be clever when you freeze foods. Wait for food to cool down before shoving a steaming hot sauce into a freezer bag. Putting hot food in the freezer will bring down the whole freezers temperature, and it will have to work that much harder to get everything up to the cold level it was at. Leave room for the air to circulate around soups and sauces

So, now you know how to Freeze – what should you freeze?

Think of your freezer as an extension of your kitchen, somewhere you can store things you eat every day or 2 and 3 days or so:

  • Berries (meatballs, left over pasta)

Lay them out on a tray to freeze solid than gather them up and put them in a freezer bag – this way you can preserve them for a least 3 months and they will taste gorgeous every day you have some

  • Iced Flavours

This is where ice tray cubes come in so handy. You can freeze soup, both, milk, orange juice. You can also squeeze some lemon juice into each empty cube then add water, so you have iced lemon cubes with a drink of water – yummy!  You can do the same with mint leaves – add water and then you have beautiful iced mint pieces in your glass of water when you have guests. And for cooking, you can also freeze little cubes of tomato sauce. Once you start thinking about it, you will come up with many more ideas.

  • Casseroles

Don’t put the whole dish in the freezer. Put some foil on the inside of the casserole dish – put the food into it, and wrap – then freeze it in the foil until solid. Put the whole block into a freezer bag until you are ready to eat it again

  • Eggs

You cannot freeze eggs in their shell! Take them out and beat them up, then freeze the mixture in a bag with space for expansion. Or you can freeze the white separately from the yolks – just put a dash of sugar in the yolks to keep them fresh. They can be thawed under hot running water or overnight in the refrigerator

  • Waffles and Pancakes

Cool those down separate with wax paper then freeze in resealable bags. When you want to eat them, op each piece in the toaster to defrost

  • Cakes

If you want to keep a whole piece of cake including the icing, put it in the freezer until the icing is hard, then wrap in plastic, then foil. When you want to eat it up, unwrap the foil and the plastic, put the foil over the icing and thaw overnight in the refrigerator

  • Nuts

Keep in refrigerator, or else they the oils in them will go rancid.

  • Hard Cheeses
  • Grate them and freeze the grated bits into a plastic freezer bag.

Decision Time

You have all the info at your finger-tips about freezer bags and which ones are the best, and you have pros and cons for 10 different types – which will you choose? Use our best freezer bags reviews to assist you.

Choosing a plastic freezer or storage bag is probably one of the most insignificant things you will have to do in your life. However, if you don’t make a good choice, you might end up paying for it the rest of your life with spoilt food and wasted food. So spend about half an hour reading this guide and all the information here, because we have everything you need to know about the best freezer bags and / or plastic bags.

There are various things that could be wrong with a freezer bag: the plastic could be too light, it may be difficult to zeal and zip up or press together, or it might simply leak. And should you use plastic bags and freezer bags – or can one function for the other – aha, the million dollar question – which to use, plastic or freezer, freezer or plastic, or both, zipper lock or seal, seal of lock Or neither, or – what a bind – you simply have to test them all and see what works for you – or read our steps to finding what works best.

One thing we do know is that the American public does use these bags, as last year they spent a whopping $1, 6 million on them! Also, what is obvious is that freezer bags work best as they are thicker than the ‘normal’ plastic bags. And you can use a freezer bag for anything else, but you cannot use a storage bag as a freezer bag – well, you can, but it will not work as well.

What you need to find is a bag with 4 non-negotiable characteristics – namely, no leaking, proper sealing or zip lock, tough enough to last and good at preserving food.

We tested a whole of bags with a big bunch of carrots – all the bags fitted well, but the inferior ones would not close easily or seal tightly. The bag was also difficult to hold open while we put the carrots into it – imagine pouring some casserole into a bag like this – it would all end up on the floor. When we flipped the bag to keep it open, the sides broke – no good. Other bags had some good advantages – one had a piece that folded backwards to keep it standing up, another had thicker plastic so stood on its own and zipped these two was no problem. The next test was the leakage test in which all the bags were filled up with water and placed on the counter. Immediately 4 bags broke.


Moving on to the next test, which was the food protection test – prevention of freezer burn – we froze different foodstuffs – pork chops, dough for cookies, bread, hamburger patties – a couple of the bags got ice layers within 2 weeks, so that was no good, while the others looked super-fresh even after 2 months

Measuring the thickness of the bags, we found that one or two bags had dried out food in them – definitely a no-no to eat, and clearly the bags had leaked. Now, lastly, we wanted to know how much abuse the bags could take without failing. We filled them with tomato sauce, sealed them and dropped them on the floor – what a mess – 4 exploded, while the rest stood up to the test. We also shook the bags around and turned them upside down – the best two were perfect after every test.

So we have discovered that the thicker plastic bags with strong seals or zippers are more durable. The best bag had a double zipper and a thick outer edge. Could be propped up, and it was the cheapest one of all the bags! It was also a ‘green’ bag, so that was a win!